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I am interested in purchasing a Twilight Fit spa. I would appreciate any feedback anybody on this forum may have regarding this spa or Twilight brand generally. Also, I am considering a floor model - anybody have informaiton on how much of a discount to expect with respect to a floor model for the Twilight Fit?

Twilight Fit is the swim spa under Master Spa's Twilight brand. Master Spas is one of the larger players in spas and swim spas. My personal experiences with them is that they push the limit on marketing, but they make a quality product and provide good service.

How much can you expect on a floor model discount depends on the motivation for selling the floor model. At the Master Spas traveling blow-out sales, floor models are sold at 50% discount off list. If the dealer is motivate to clear out the Twilight Spa for a newer spa or a Michael Phelps Swim Spa, I would expect at least a 50% discount off list.
Thank you. Your input was helpful. Even though it is not really well suited for swimming, I am particularly impressed / intrigued by the greater depth of the Fit than other excercise spas.
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