How to buy a swim spa, important options & features and how to compare brands.
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I purchased my swim spa from a company called Spa Manufacturer. They are a manufacturer in Clearwater fl and they sell direct to the public. So there product is actually all made in the USA which is important since my husband is in the military. I called them over the phone and paid sight unseen. I have had it for about 4 months and I LOVE IT! They have 2 different packages..very affordable! I went with the $9995 package and its awesome. They didn't have any hidden cost etc like a couple other places I looked at thank goodness. So that's who I recommend.
I just started researching swim spas and have looked at the Spa Manufacturers website. The price is so reasonable.

Are you still pleased with your swim spa? Have you had quality or maintenance issues? are the jets strong enough to swim? Are you able to do other aquatic exercises? I live in Texas, but I'm planning to visit relatives in Clearwater in a few months, so I can stop by the showroom.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.
I am considering purchasing a swim spa from Spa Manufacturer and wondered if you are still pleased with their product. Also, they include shipping, but did that include "placing" the swim spa or did you need to hire a crane?
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