Hey you can use Endless Pools Swim Spas or Jetted Swim Spas...
There are some differences between them...


Endless Pool
Acrylic, Fiberglass or steel-panel with vinyl liner. Modular construction permits multiple sizes and depths from 6' x 6' to 10' x 16' and allows for installation in existing spaces.

Jetted Swim Spa
Jetted swim spas are typically single shell acrylic vessels with either a fiberglass or polymer backing for strength.
Swim Spas | Construction

Aesthetic Choices

Endless Pool
2 colors for acrylic and fiberglass, 3 colors, 4 patterns for vinyl
Automatic and manual retractable security covers, 5 colors
Synthetic coping, 5 colors
Aluminum coping with unlimited 6" tile choices
Synthetic Skirting
Customer can choose their own finishes for coping and skirting for a truly unique pool

Jetted Swim Spa
Choice of two colors typically for the shell
Choice of skirting
See company literature

Plumbing (Water Quality System)

Endless Pool
Pre-plumbed with super efficient circulating pump
Push Button Controller
Copper/silver purification system minimizes chlorine

Jetted Swim Spa
Jetted swim spas are pre-plumbed typically
Component choices and sanitation means vary

Swim Current System

Endless Pool
5 hp power unit
16" propeller and water conditioning grills
Smooth, even, adjustable, river-like flow 21"-24" wide, 16"-18" deep
5,000 – 7,000 gallons per minute
Digital speed control via remote control with 52 speeds
High visibility 7" digital, swim pace display

Jetted Swim Spa
One or more centrifugal pumps
One or more nozzles
300 to 1,200 gallons per minute
few discrete speeds

Delivery & Installation

Endless Pool
Delivery by UPS, Allied Van Lines or flatbed trailer
Installation by nationwide network of Factory Trained Installers
Easy installation indoors or outside
Assembles on any sound level surface
Pre-wired, pre-plumbed
Crane required for Fiberglass and Acrylic pools

Jetted Swim Spa
Crane required to upload swim spas
Pre-wired, pre-plumbed

Electric Power Requirements

Endless Pool
30-60 amps, 220 volts

Jetted Swim Spa
60 to 100 amps, 220 volts

Total Cost

Endless Pool
$7,500 - $28,900 for complete systems
Wide variety of options available to customize installation

Jetted Swim Spa
Delivery costs range from $500 to $2,000
Nationwide network of factory trained installers

Each swim spa company handles delivery, installation, start-up, and service differently so comparison is difficult