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I found the Badujet Inspiration in a web search. Does anyone know anything about this product? How good is the current? How safe is the product? How much does it cost?

Thanks in advance,

Natasha B.
Badujet is a brand of Speck Pumps, a very well respected German manufacturer of pumps.

For many years, they have been selling the Badu Jet system which can be installed in fiberglass, gunite and vinyl pools, usually during pool construction.

In terms of safety, I believe that because the suction and discharge of water are combined into a single package, they do not need to go through testing for VGB compliance for suction entrapment and hair entrapment.

In terms of swim quality, I have not personally swum in one. I do however think you can get some sense of the swim current by watching their videos.

If you are looking for an over the counter swim current, two other products to consider would the the Fastlane by Endless Pools and Stream by SwimEx.
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