I spent $62,000 on a Swimex model 600 in 2013. Leslie Becki is a very reliable and well-meaning salesperson. Unfortunately, the moment that Swimex gets your last payment, their service is horrible. I paid about $10,000 to their sole "authorized" installer. I live in Toronto. After telling me how many installations they had done North of the border, they failed to get a visa to even come to Canada. I called the President of Swimex who tried to GET ME TO PAY the fee to have the Canadian government issue a Visa to the installer. After we ended up finding a local installer, the "authorized" Swimex installer refused to give me the deposit back. The local installer has struggled through the complicated installation. The Swimex pool itself had a defect in the stairs he has had to fix. The electronics which have to be programmed for the motor are complicated, and one has to once again play phone tag with Swimex get the programming done. Now this morning I find out that part of the pool equipment, the ozonator is leaking itself. I wanted a Swimex because I thought it was the best. It's not. Its an expensive, complicated mess purchased from a company which does lip service to customers and in reality has zero commitment to service and getting its products actually installed.