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My husband sustained multiple injuries after being severely shocked while fighting a fire. This has ended his career and his ability to exercise due to the neurological pain along with his muscles being fused together from the heat generated by the electrical current. His doctor has prescribed water therapy but due to his dizzy spells from his brain injury he is unable to drive. So we need any help we can get as to what swim spa will be the most helpful for him for exercising.
I am impressed with your will power to continue through this terrible setback. I would encourage you to find a local dealer who has a "wet test" swim spa. The swim spas are great investments if they are suitable for your particular rehab issues. I do think from your description, a swim spa may be a good solution. Swim spas are usually only 8' wide, so you will never be more than an arm length from the side if you got dizzy. Try before you buy. And thank you for your service. Good luck.
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