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i am looking to purchase a swimspa.i have tried out Tidal fit. i liked it. i want to bury it about 2 ft, wondered if anyone did that. since with water it ways almost 20,000 lbs, has anyone poured a pad with something other than plain old concrete?
I've read about the Tidal Fit swim spas. They have 2 or 4 Badu Jets. Have you swum in the swim spa? Why did you choose this one? (just curious)

I think most manufacturers recommend 4 inches of reinforced concrete. They do this to protect themselves from liability. If the earth beneath settles and the swim spa cracks, they don't want to be held responsible.

The most important things are that the surface is flat, level and will not settle unevenly. Many swim spas are installed on bricks or pavers. Swim spas can also be installed on compacted gravel.
Whether, the Tidal Fit is placed on the ground, even for a short period of time, it should be supported by stones that are at least 2 inches thick and 12 inches square. A solid foundation is recommended as soon as possible. Have the pool deck installed by a knowledgeable contractor to ensure proper support.
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