The process and issues with setting up a new swim spa.
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I purchased a used Catalina Islander swim spa from a private party. The swim spa is located less than a mile away and must be lowered into our walkout basement via crane. I live in the Intermountain West where the temperatures this time of year range from 20 to 60 F. The current owners are heating and using the spa until our local Catalina dealer can make arrangements for a crane. My question has to do with timing. I plan to drain the spa the morning of the move using a pump and disconnect electricity. I would also like to clean it completely before moving it. I have zero experience with any of this. Can any of you give me advice on how much time it will take to drain and clean the spa so I can schedule an adequate amount of time before the crane arrives? Thank you.
Draining the spa will be dictated by the pump size. If you are using a pump
with a garden hose discharge (typically the most accessible pump), then
figure on approximately 2hrs. Although the bigger the pump, the quicker it
will drain. Maybe check with a local equipment rental for a larger pump.

Any local spa retail center will have a surface cleaner. These types of
cleaners usually involve wiping down the spa surface using the cleaner and a
soft rag. The spa surface is usually fairly easy to clean. Although a
little elbow grease may be required if there is a scum line at the water's
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