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I just bought a H2X cross trainer. Its outside my house right now. I live in the North East US. That cover is very efficient but difficult to lift, even with the lift assisters. I have heard something about automatic lifters but cannot find where they are sold. Does anyone know how much they are and / or where I can find them?
I know you asked about automatic lifts. There are a wide variety of manual lift / assisters out there. Some require more effort to operate than others. You might want to try out other manual lifts to see if you can find one that provides more umph.

H2X makes an automatic cover lifter, have you contacted your dealer?

Auto Spa Cover is a new company out of Paso Robles, CA. They make auto cover lifters, but I am not sure they make one big enough for your swim spa.

There are a number of cabana type covers (where the roof of the cabana goes up and down). I'm not sure if these are made big enough, but two that come to mind are Sterling Leisure Products (Covana) and Bullfrog,
Hey these are some available cover lifters.....

CoverCradle® Retractable Cover System
Dual pneumatic gas springs in the arms of this lifter make cover removal a breeze. The top-of-the-line CoverCradle system features a low-profile design and ultra-smooth gliding mechanism. Requires 24" clearance.

CoverCradle II Retractable Cover System
Similar in design to the CoverCradle, this lifter uses a single pneumatic gas spring and allows for a smooth operation.

GlideRite® Retractable Cover SystemGlideRite® Retractable Cover System
This simple and efficient cover lifter requires 14" clearance.

Lift 'n Glide® Retractable Cover SystemLift 'n Glide® Retractable Cover System
This economical cover lifter requires 14" clearance.

UpRite® Retractable Cover System
This system lifts the cover up over the spa bar top. It is ideal for limited clearance applications such as decks and gazebos. Requires only 7" clearance.
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