I bought a H2x 15D masterspa swim spa last year. All was well until I noticed my white facial hair and chest hair was turning a nice shade of green. I did a bit of research and discovered to my surprise that one of the three filters termed by them "EcoPur" seems to be dumping a lot of copper into the pool. I can thing of nothing else that might do this since I believe there is no other copper piping or elements directly touching the water. In order to place blame correctly I had a water test done on the source public water and there is no trace of copper. My pool water is above 4 ppm
1. I replaced the ecopur filter with a standard non-copper variety.
2. I used a sequestering agent 10 times the recommended "dosage"
3. I also am using CU Later Metal eliminator

All with no success.
I look to your sage advice for help here. Can any of you think of another source of copper? I checked and the heating elements are made of tungsten.

Any response would be appreciated