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Hello everyone,We'd like to know what YOU think is wrong with our ad We can't get anyone to buy it
We want to sell our swimspa.This is our ad It's an 2010 dynasty aquex silver 14' swim spa/Jacuzzi combo 35 jets dimensions 93''x170''x53 water capacity 1,750 gallons covers included Seating capacity 5 adults 4 seats 1 swimmer
Barely used
pick up only, no delivery available
swim spa is in excellent condition
(we paid $17,500 we are asking $9,999)
Help please
Nothing seems to be wrong with what's there, but maybe you can add.

Did you include pictures in your ad?

Also, maybe if you say why you're getting rid of it? It sounds like something you thought you'd use but then didn't. That could be a concern of a potential buyer, that they'll stop using it before they get their money's worth.

Could it be the price? You cut about 40% off the original retail value. That might not be the problem, but I'd suggest checking out ads for other spas in your area, noting what they're pricing at, and then tracking to see if/when the ad disappears. If spas are only selling when they cut more off the retail price, then that could well be your answer.
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