How to buy a swim spa, important options & features and how to compare brands.
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We are looking to buy a swim spa for our house and have narrowed down the choices to, master swim spa, maax swim spa, and artic ocean swim spa. does anyone own an artic ocean spa and how easy is it to maintain? Of the three manufactures which one would you mostly like buy a spa from? The spa size will be between 14 and 16 feet and for the most part will be used by a few people in the family.
The dealer you purchase from is the most critical decision. Support after the purchase has great value. There are no hidden treasures, if a product is less expensive there is a reason. Go with a pro, preferably one in your city with a showroom. Good luck.
We purchased from spa manufacturers in Clearwater, fl. Paid$12,995 with freight included.
They provided us local service tech info.
This was great value for the money.
My wife and I use it almost everyday. We did a lot of shopping and we are very please with our

Also..... Between the 2 of us we've lost almost 50lbs!
I am interested to buy the artic ocean spa, so wanted to know what would be the price of it..??
At the risk of sounding like a broken record............the dealer is the most important choice. How will the swim spa be serviced? How long has the dealer been in business? Is the dealer local? Do they carry parts inventory? Are they members of a professional trade association? Rated with BBB? Buying a $20k product on the internet is risky business. Find a dealer with a showroom!
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