Maintaining a swim spa including water chemistry, heating, fixing leaks, etc.
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During the Summer months I am planning on not using the heater in my swim spa. I live in the south and the weather here is plenty warm and will keep the water plenty hot. My question is do I need to keep the cover on the spa 24-7 like I would in the winter(and cooler) months. I would rather use my swim spa as a plunge pool during the Summer months of the year. I know that leaving the cover off would make the water subject to debris and critters. However not being concerned (?) about keeping heat in or evaporation do I have to always keep it covered when not in use in order to not harm the spa. I'm hoping this idea of mine is not harmful to the water chemistry or the spa itself! I'd really appreciate any advise anyone may have have. Thanks Much!
Debris, critters, heat, and evaporation are all good reasons to keep the spa covered when not in use. Another good reason is to discourage small children and pets from getting into the spa. An uncovered pool or spa could seem like an invitation, so for the safety of others (and for your own liability concerns) it's always safest to keep it covered when not in use.
I've learned so much now that I've had my swim Spa for several months. If your using you swim spa as a pool during the summer months there are a couple things to consider. Yes, debris, critters, evaporation etc. can all be a problem. However the same would be true of a traditional swimming pool. I have found that It's quite easy to handle the swim spa with no cover. just make sure you keep up on all of the chemicals(especially Chlorine) and your water level and you should do just fine. That's what I have been doing and my water is perfect and warmed by the sun! :ugeek:
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