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Almost purchased a H2X at a "Master Spa" roadshow in California. Did not because I did not feel comfortable with the sales techniques used.
1. In order to get show price, it had to be purchased during three day show - UNDERSTANDABLE
2. Sales person would not spend more than 10 minutes with you, unless you were committed to buy one during the show - NOT ACCEPTABLE, these were suppose to be the manufacturers, not a dealer
3. No literature on any of the equipment available. NOT ACCEPTABLE
4. This was strictly buy what we have or leave. NOT ACCEPTABLE
5. If you were interested, but wanted some time to think about it and to iron out installation questions, you were stopped at the entrance by the manager/managers who tried to pressure you in buying it now. NOT ACCEPTABLE
6. No assistance with delivery or installation, two guys just drop the unit off. NOT ACCEPTABLE

All this seemed like the old way of selling a car, deal with the sales person and then came the closers to try and save the deal. Keep in mind that these guys were representing themselves as the manufacturers. Now I don't know if I should even consider the Michael Phelps or the H2X, Master Spas left me with a bad feeling.

Please let me know what your experience has been with Master Spa
Road Show - don't EVER buy from a road show unless you are a contractor and are ready to expect the worst possible service experience and deal with it yourself. I am the West Coast Master Spa Swim Spa Independent Sales Consultant and I work with all the west coast clients over the phone who don't have a local dealer presence. I can tell you factually that I get at least one complaint a week from people who purchased from the traveling "Pool Spa and BBQ show." That dealer is based in Minnesota and he has absolutely no concern for customer service and no accountability to the customers once he has made a sale. He doesn't assist with delivery, he doesn't always deliver what he "sells" to his clients, he doesn't do followup, installation walk throughs OR assist with any future problems for the customer. Take my advice and save yourself a HUGE headache, Go to a local Northern CA dealer, there is one in Manteca and One in Sacramento. They all have the same pricing available to them as he offers at the shows. It is worth the time to travel a little distance to get taken care of the way you should for the money these cost.
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