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Just thought I'd see what your opinions were on spa cover options when looking for a new one. There seem to be a few, and I don't know whether they're snake oil or worthwhile. First off, I live in a snowy region in Tahoe, where there's bound to be some gnarly weather. The summers are fairly mild though, and we don't get any rain then. Just sun. So I'll get a thick 6" cover most likely but wanted to see about foam density. Is a 2# foam better than 1# or 1.5# by that much? Do I need the thicker vapor barrier?
Yes you can do this.
yes you can do this..
very easily you can do this :)
It is not uncommon for traditional foam spa covers to be completely destroyed by a heavy rain or hail, even within the very first year of owning your spa. Because traditional rigid foam spa covers and hot tub covers do not absorb impact very well, they tend to get hammered, damaged or even broken by hail, falling debris and branches. When rain or hail pounds on the foam cover it causes it to break down and allows it to sink into your spa. If your spa cover or hot tub cover has been taking a pounding due to hail damage, it may be time to find a more resistant replacement cover.
Just make sure that you get something that will last for some years and can withstand the climatic conditions of your area. So it will be better if you order a custom made cover that will suit your requirements.
I get custom made spa covers from They have a range of different spa covers and other accessories. You can check out their website, they have displayed many products there, you can select one of them.
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