We bought our home 4 years ago and underneath our back deck (off the 2nd floor) is a well protected Swim Spa we have never turned on. We would like to use this area for something else and are looking to sell the Swim Spa.

It has been covered on all sides since it was installed in 1992, so it's in real good condition.

18 foot long (roughly 12 of that is pool).

Raypak heater: 264K btu (78% efficiency) Serial: 9207042346
2 Speck Pumps: one is 21-80/33 G (4 speed) - looks new and one is 423 - IV/R (2 speed)

Fully plumbed, full skirting in tacked and in good condition.

It's the full set-up. You just have to pick it up.

Pricing will be Best Reasonable Offer. -- We have had a pool tech come out and give us an idea of price for a new one... And this full set-up comes new with a large price tag. We know it's older, but in good shape... it'll still have decades of fun left in it for someone.

We're willing to make someone very happy for a VERY good price.

If you email me I can send you pictures.

Email: mra (at) yoursolutions.net