We are swim spa shopping. The swim spa will be installed partially recessed in a use-specific built addition. I was very close to purchasing site unseen from a factory direct website...excellent pricing, but too far away to see or test and for service. After deciding that we would like a little more local support and service than factory direct could offer and that we wanted to be able to see and feel the quality of the spa, I have resumed my search.
I am interested in a swim spa with steel framing as longevity of life and strength of body and shell with this are very important due to its placement inside. Jets are fine but we are mostly interested in a large open water tank to serve as a splash pool. This will be used mainly for family enjoyment rather than a serious exercise machine. I may also like to have some separation for the "hot tub/therapy spa" end of this unit from the open exercise/swim area for relaxation and the ability to increase the water temp in the smaller body of watering the hot tub end.
I am currently looking at the Hydropool 19' AquaSport. I also like the design of the D1 swim spas, but I have read about some scary quality problems they have been having.
Are there any other manufacturers that utilize steel framing?
Does anyone having any feedback on Hydropool and/or D1?