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Is anyone familiar with Swim Spa Plus by Tulipani Enterprises. They seem to have a wide selection. We are interested in a swimspa and hot tub, separate units for temp control. The swimspa will be more a less a play/splash pool for my young family. We want a good size swimspa with a large open swim area and without a ton of bells and whistles (minimal jets, minimal seats, etc), and a smallish hot tub.
I can't seem to find much about this company or there product. Does anyone have any info. Thanks.
I've never heard of them before, but here's what I could find out:

- Tulipani Industries looks like an importer / exporter working with manufacturers in China and Taiwan. Their products include aquatic whirlpools, rock skirting, champagne glasses and hot tubs / swim spas.

- Although their website says they been in business since 1976, I think this is referring to the import / export business overall, not the swim spa business. They registered the URL in 2005 and in 2008. They became BBB certified in 2011.

- Their BBB rating is A+.
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