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I'm looking to buy a swimming pool for exercise use in the garage. I live in the Northwest and am hoping to swim for exercise during the winter.

- How do I manage the humidity, keep mold from growing or water damage from happening?
- The garage is not heated and gets to 30 degrees in the winter. How do I keep my heating costs down? Would insulation, do the trick? Any there any other construction tips? Is it cheaper, do leave it unheated, and just heat it before you go in?
- I'd imagine it's really boring swimming for 20-30 minutes. What can I do to entertain myself during the swim?
I just installed one in my garage. I don't think mine will get as cold as we had temps in the 20's and my garage was still in 50's. I use an underwater mp3 made by Finis. It helps immensely. I am also experimenting with other water activities and exercises in addition to swimming.
How has the swim spa worked out in the garage. If you stand up and walk against the current, is it real uncomfortable for your upper body?
Well i think the its the good idea to install a swim spa in garage because its the best place indoor where you can install the pool. Could you please share some photos because I am also planing to get one in my garage.
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