How to buy a swim spa, important options & features and how to compare brands.
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I was very confused that we should buy Hot Spring spas or swim spa for our backyard.

Can anyone give me idea pls.
Not sure I understand the question.

Hot Springs is one of largest hot tub manufacturers. They're part of Watkins / Masco, a fortune 500 company. They sell a range of hot tubs, but currently don't offer a swim spa.

A swim spa is larger than a typical spa and has some source of current, either with resistance jets or propeller system.

The best answer for you depends upon how you plan to use your spa / swim spa. If you are just looking for a place to relax and decompress, a spa is right for you. If you are looking to excercise in the spa, (e.g. swim, walk on a treadmill) consider a swim spa.
I don't know why you are comparing a spa selling company with a different genre of spa. Hot spring spas are one of the leading spa company,and you can check on their reviews to know more about them. While swim spa is an altogether different thing. Swim spa's are larger than ordinary spas. They are commonly used for exercising purposes as they are larger in size. There are companies that sell swim spas too. So I think firstly you need to decide on why you want a spa? Just to relax or for exercising purposes. Then decide on a suitable spa and spa accessories and buy them. I bought my spa cover from Buy Factory Direct Spa Covers. Make sure you know how to manage and clean the spa. Proper maintenance of a spa is very important.
Swim spas can be used for low impact aerobic workouts. They are not only for athletes , but also normal people looking for moderate, but convenient, exercise. You might also consider the fact that several different models of swim spas also have dual zone temperature. You can get both the therapeutic benefit of the Hot Spring spa in the "hot tub" section and the added feature of the low impact exercise in the "swim box" area. Good luck with your shopping adventure!
Hot Springs is a great product, but the depth and size will limit the amount and type of exercise you will be able to do. The additional depth (over 50") of the swim spas allow for a greater range of motion. Yes, they require more space, require more electrical service, cost more, and usually present delivery problems. I would suggest wet testing any product before you purchase it. Find a local dealer who has products you can try before you buy. Good Luck.
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