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Does anyone have any information on the Vortex spa company out of Canada?!? I'm thinking about buying a swim spa and I have done a lot of research. It looks like to me that they have a fantastic product at a fantastic price. I've asked this question on other forums and the response and get back has been basically a thinly veiled "buy American". I get it!!! Most of the time I do. However, I don't want to pay $5,000 to $10,000 more for a swim spa. I'm just interested in knowing if they make quality product and provide good customer service. Thank you very much for your assistance all! :D
I had not heard of Vortex Spas before you asked. I did a little research and here is what I found:
- The have not registered the trademark "Vortex Spas" in Australia or the US.
- They do not appear to have a BBB account in the US or Canada.
- They say that they started in Australia and have been selling to Canada for 5 years and the US for 2 years.

My best guess is that it is a Australian company that contract manufactures in China and ships to a warehouse in Canada for sales into the US. The company may be run by Andrew Pullen of Spa World, Australia.

My concerns would be 1) support and 2) rights if something goes wrong.

Support - If you buy from Canada and have it shipped to the US, who will fix any problems you have with the swim spa?
Rights - If everything goes wrong, how would you protect your legal rights in the transaction? What rights would you have?

And as always, I would argue that you should take a wet test of the swim spa before buying.

I will reach out to the company and ask them to provide us with some background information.

Has anyone else heard of Vortex Spas?
Hi Dhansen ,

I dont know how you do your research but Vortex spas is actually the biggest spa retailer in Australia , we sell more spa than hotspring and jacuzzi togheter.

We have dealers in Canada for the last 6 years and we have been selling our product directly to the custumer in the Us for the past 2 years.

Since we sell our product in 17 different countries we have 2 factory ( Australia and China ) .

90 % of the parts are manufactured by Gecko in Canada and the acrylic come from Aristech in USA.

We do use Gecko qualified technicians to service our spa if needed.

Every transaction is made by a credit card wich is 100 % covered

We offer a no risk 60 days money back guarantee if our custumer doesnt like the product .

You can define the quality of a spa by the quality of the parts used in the spa :
spa controller
Warranty offered

We use the best and more expensive parts on the market to ensure durability and custumer satisfaction

heres a professional review : swimspahottubs. com/reviews /vortex-hydrozone-review /

I cant tell for this forum but all other forum are owned by spa brands that use a dealer network and their job is to scare the custumer to make sure they do buy from a dealer . This time is almost gone it is time for you guys to wake up ;) !

Vortex Spas
Most unprofessional "company" (I quote company because there is only one representative in Quebec, Canada who has to check in with Australia for anything and everything) I have ever dealt with. Actually it felt as though I was dealing with a child, asking him to please communicate all updates with me.

I had a miserable experience with Vortex and would like to inform others so they may not have to go through the same experience. I paid Vortex in Quebec, Canada ( to ship a swim spa to my residence in California on February 8th, 2014. I was told it would arrive at my home in 6 weeks, March 17th. I paid the balance on March 17th and received nothing but excuses up until May 8th when I finally had to open a "dispute" case with my credit card company. This "company," I think there is only one representative in all, kept my over $15,000 for 3 months with no pool to show for it. My credit card company fully refunded me and today May 12, 2014 there is still no refund from Vortex as promised. Nothing but empty and miserable promises from this company and a lot of frustration! I would recommend additional research when purchasing a swim spa, although the price was good, the customer service was pathetic...nothing but excuses...I should have ended it a lot sooner.
Hello all
Does anyone have any information on the Vortex spa company out of Canada


Very interesting experience, i'm having now some interesting conversation with vortex canada to buy a swim spa to ship outside of canada. Your feedback seems tomsuggest i should check at least twice!!
Could you tell me how the whole thing end up and if you finally got a vortex spa or something else?

Any suggestion to be more careful in dealing with them?
Just thought I'd share my recent experience with Vortex Spa out of Quebec, Canada.

I purchased one of their largest swim spa models in mid September 2014. During the purchase process, I was impressed with the responsiveness of "Brian", who spent a fair bit of time discussing the product, the order process, and addressing some concerns about other commenters on this forum.

He admitted that they've had some problems with US deliveries, but assured me that they were experienced and had a good system for on-time deliveries in Canada. Although my expected delivery was in 5-6 weeks, he had warned me that if I was one of the rare cases that got caught in a customs hold, there could be a brief delay of a few additional days.

Through September and October we corresponded regularly as we prepared the site, the electrical, and tried to arrange the crane company. Although Brian was still responding, the frequency and timeliness of the responses were slowing quite a bit.

Then, right around the time the delivery was to happen in late October, communications really slowed. About a week after the original delivery date, he told us the shipment was in a customs hold, and that it could be tied up for up to 4 additional weeks. I asked for documentation relating to this hold, and he was unable or unwilling to provide this. I asked him to let me have direct dialogue with the customs broker (just to have a second confirmation of the situation) but this was not arranged.

The late November release date finally arrived, and Brianadvised that it had been inspected and would be put on a train immediately - he would provide confirmation as soon as this occurred. Another week went by, no confirmation.... and no more revised dates. The very few brief conversations with Brian in December essentially consisted of me catching him, him saying he would call me back, and no more.

At the very end of November, I finally opened an inquiry with my credit card company. In my initial communication with them, I stressed that I was not reporting a "fraudulent transaction", but rather would like some help in obtaining more information about the status of the product I paid for in full over 2 months earlier. In late December, I advised them that I was no longer receiving any information from Vortex, and would like to start the process to dispute the charge. The credit card provider advised that as they had received no response from their inquiries to the vendor, they were issuing a refund and cancelling the transaction.

This was very unfortunate. We have invested several thousand dollars in electrical and site preparation. We've planned the backyard and built a deck around the area with a swim spa in mind. I was very excited about purchasing this - the size, layout, and design of the product was more fitting to my needs than anything else on the market (not to mention the excellent pricing).

I don't know what happened here. I'd like to think the best of Brian and Vortex and believe that we've just had some bad luck; but in that case Vortex has failed miserably at communicating with their customer. Particularly in a large $ internet transaction with a long lead time, they need to come up with ways to share information with their customers and ensure that they can be comfortable all the way through. If unexpected delays happen, the need for this transparency and assurance rises exponentially.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure if the whole thing was vapor. Since the CC transaction cancellation I have sent a number of emails and voicemails to Brian, suggesting that we still try to make a cash on delivery deal - if the product truly was real and really ordered, he must now have a $20,000 spa sitting in inventory tying up his working capital. He should be eager to find a buyer, and I'm the most logical one.

Although I refuse to take the delivery risk again, and will expect a discount from the original deal (I have no confidence in any warranty support) I still remain open to discussing a cash deal with Brian. It seems that he (or "Ryan", but I've never spoken to anyone other than Brian in ALL my dealings with Vortex, so I suspect this is a one-man show in Canada) frequents this forum, trying to discredit anyone who complains.

Perhaps rather than attacking me, Brian/Ryan will take a sensible route and contact me, and maybe move me from an unsatisfied customer to at least "semi-satisfied". It may be good PR for him to call me, apologize, and bend over backwards to correct the situation - often a good clean-up can turn a customer relations disaster into a bonanza. If he does this and makes things right, I will surely report back to the forum.
I have a Vortex Spa (not a swim spa but the Nitro version). I bought it a couple of years ago. Hands down best tub I've ever been in as far as design etc. However, I have been disappointed time and time again by the Canada distributor. I had a nightmare experience getting it delivered and once delivered I had some issues... all cosmetic. For the most part they took care of my issues but it took a LONG time and one of the panels has warped and is cracking. I was told I'd get a replacement.... that was two years ago. The last time we had contact was about a year ago when I was told it was in a "container" in Seattle. I gave up after that. So, long story short. If you are confident with your skills if something goes wrong it's a great tub. You can't redo a shell so that is what I was paying for. A shell that I could not find anywhere else and that was so worth it. But... if you are expecting any sort of customer service at all... just forget it. One of the worst experience I've ever had in my life. Vortex Australia has never once answered any of my emails and now I need filters, which are a different size than anything you can get in the states, and I just went to the vortex canada web address and I get an error so now I'm nervous yet again.
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