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How Dealers Sell Swim Spas

When you walk into a pool and spa store, most good sales people will follow a similar process to sell you a swim spa. Knowing the process can help you get the most from your purchase.

Now let me be clear here, there is nothing unethical with this general process. It is the same basic process used in many industries. If applied with consideration given to customers, it is a great way to run a business and get the right product to your customers.

However, knowing the process, there are a few thing you should do. 1) Tell the salesperson honestly what your are looking for and why. 2) Treat their statements of credibility with skepticism, check out the business with the Better Business Bureau 3) Be prepared for them to try to close your sale, this is normal. But, don't let yourself be rushed into a purchase.

And most importantly, take a test swim in a number of different brands. You cannot tell the quality of the current by looking at it or putting your hand in the water. A lot of people skip this step and are disappointed when the get the swim spa home. You wouldn't buy a car without taking it out for a test drive -- why would you invest so much money in swim spa without trying it out? If your salesperson discourages your test swim, I would be very skeptical.