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How to Buy a Used Swim Spa

Buying a used swim spa can be a great way to save money and still get a good unit. While finding used swim spas can be difficult, as the industry has grown, more and more are becoming available.

If you do end up buying a used swim spa, you are taking on additional risk. There will be general wear and tear to the product that will reduce its future life span. In addition, the swim spa may be for sale because the previous owner recognized it as a lemon.

Most often warrantees do not transfer to the new owner. As such there are a few visual inspections you should do:

Next, test out all the electrical and mechanical features of the swim spa:

If you are unsure on how to inspect a swim spa, you can ask a local dealer to do a buyer's inspection. These types of service calls are still relatively new, but if you explain what you are looking for, most dealer will be willing to help.

Also be sure that before you buy any swim spa, you know where you will get parts and service.

There are two basic sources for used swim spas: dealers and private individuals. If you buy from a dealer, there are many advantages. The swim spa may have been a trade in or a financed unit that got repossessed (a not a lemon that the owner is trying to unload). These units are often refurbished or remanufactured (meaning that they have been inspected and may have has some parts replaced or serviced). Dealers may be able to help with delivery and may provide some limited product guaranteed.

If you are thoughtful in your approach and inspect and test out your used swim spa, you can end up with the spa of your dreams.