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How Much Does a Swim Spa Cost

Of course it depends:

Here are a few specific examples:

Most other swim spas don't make their prices publicly available. They want you to speak to a salesperson first.

Key features that affect price are:

Be sure to consider all costs when comparing swim spas:

  1. Shipping & Delivery - Different company will handle these charges differently. Delivery includes craning or using a fork lift to position the swim spa in place.
  2. Installation - What are the electrical requirements of each swim spa? Are you looking at any modular swim spas that require on-site assembly?
  3. Operation - Most swim spas will have similar operating costs. However, if you live in a cost climate and plan to use the swim spa during the winter, ask about heating costs, insulation and covers.
  4. Maintenance - Compare warrantees across swim spa brands. Look at BBB for complaints about service.

And remember, many swim spa sales people have some flexibility in price. I would suggest trying to negotiate on price. Tell the salesperson you are looking at a number of competitors' swim spa and ask for their best price.