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Arctic Spas Swim Spas

Founded by rural Canadians, Arctic Spas designs swim spas for energy-efficiency and durability, even in the coldest climes.

Their Hudson All-Weather Pool includes what Arctic calls it's "entry-level resistance swim system"; that consists of their Monsoon Counter Current (two Badu Stream jets) plus their Tether Resistance Swim System, which uses a belted waist strap connected by bungee to a flexible pole.

Higher up in their $17,900 to $26,900 price range, the Juneau, Kingfisher, and Wolverine models feature their more advanced Niagara swim current (also two Badu Stream jets). Their Athabascan swim spa provides the most room for swimming; like the similarly sized Beauport and Okanagan models, it utilizes their Tether System.

Arctic distinguishes themselves from the competition with many exclusive features:

In their price range, the all-weather Arctic Spas swim spas deliver a quality jetted swim experience.

Arctic Spas All Weather Swim Spas

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