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Arctic Spas

Arctic Spas prides themselves on their energy-efficient, all-weather pools with reliable Badu Stream jets for their swim current and several smart, exclusive features. Read our Arctic Spas Swim Spa Review.

Arctic Swim Spa

Atera Spas

If you want aquatic exercise and relaxing hydrotherapy with a smaller carbon footprint, you should explore Atera Spas' line of swim spas. Read our Atera Spas Swim Spa Review

Atera Swim Spa

Badu SwimJet System

Badu jets provide the current for some of the leading swim spas on the market. Read our Badu SwimJet Review Badu SwimJet System

Barefoot Spas

To deliver a high-end experience, Barefoot Spas pairs swim spa functionality with luxury features and options. Read our Barefoot Spas Swim Spa Review Barefoot Swim Spa

Canadian Spa Company

With their St. Lawrence swim spa line, the Canadian Spa Company pairs galvanized-steel durability with low base pricing. Read our Canadian Spa Company Swim Spa Review Canadian Swim Spa

Catalina Spas

With 41 different swim spa models, Catalina Spas is sure to have one that feels just right for your home. Read our Catalina Spas Swim Spa Review Catalina Swim Spa

Coleman Spas

With their legacy of quality camping and outdoor gear, Coleman enters the swim spa market with three durable, energy-efficient models. Read our Coleman Spas Swim Spa Review Coleman Swim Spa

Dr. Wellness

The doctor is in, and he has some solid - and distinctly energy-efficient - entries into the swim spa market! Read our Dr. Wellness Swim Spa Review Dr. Wellness Swim Spa

Dynasty Spas

With their Aquex Pro line, Dynasty Spas delivers three well-appointed swim spas. Competitive pricing and smart details make this trio well worth your consideration. Read our Dynasty Spas Swim Spa Dynasty Swim Spa

Four Winds Spas

With their XL Series, Four Winds delivers three swim spas notable for their beauty and their American-made quality. Read our Four Winds Swim Spa Review Four Winds Swim Spa

Hydropool Swim Spas

Hydropool gives you 10 swim spas to choose from, all with a strong jetted current and reliable features - most notably, their buy-up solar panels. Read our Hydropool Swim Spa ReviewHydropool Swim Spa

Integrity Spas

Embodying the work-hard/party-hard ethos, Integrity delivers well-crafted swim spas packed with fun extras that are perfect for entertaining! Read our Integrity Spas Swim Spa Review Integrity Swim Spa


With models ranging from the barebones to the luxurious, Inter-Spas distinguishes themselves with factory-direct pricing and several standout fitness options. Read our Inter-Spas Swim Spa Review Inter-Spas Swim Spa

LA Spas

With all the fun and function you'd expect from a jetted swim spa, LA Spa's four durable models stand out for their patented filtration system and factory-direct pricing. Read our LA Spas Swim Spa Review La Spas Swim Spa

PDC Spas

One of the oldest and best respected spa manufacturers, they now offer both jetted and propeller driven swim spas. Read our PDC Swim Spa Review PDC Swim Spa

TidalFit Swim Spas by Artesian Spas

Featured on ABC's Extreme Weight Loss TV show, TidalFit swim spas offer versatility and fit functionality with distinct in-ground options. Read our TidalFit Swim Spa Review TidalFit Swim Spa

Wellness Swim Spas by Coast Spas

As their name implies, the Wellness swim spa series was designed to provide therapeutic benefits for arthritis sufferers and others in need of aquatic therapy. Read our Coast Spas Swim Spa Review Wellness Swim Spa

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