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Barefoot Spas pairs functionality with indulgence. From swimming and water-based exercise to a deeply reinvigorating spa experience, each swim spa lets you create a private aquatic haven in your own home.

Barefoot offers a range of swim spas, the smallest being just under 12'. At the other end, their 19' dual-temperature model lets you swim in comfortably warm water and then relax in the hotter waters of the attached hydrotherapy spa.

For the swim, Barefoot provides a jetted swim current, with either swim or river jets, depending on the model. Each adjustable jet is powered by a dedicated pump, giving you a more powerful swim experience.

Now, these are premium spas. Models with swimming capabilities retail from $51,242 to $62,417 (2014 pricing). Of course, Barefoot backs up that price tag with a similarly high-end product.

Barefoot gives you a single compact spa to swim, do strength-training exercises (with the optional stretch bands), jog in place, and relax. If you're looking for a higher-end spa experience, a Barefoot Spa may be your swim spa of choice.

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