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Hydropool Spas

Canadian hot tub manufacturer Hydropool manufacturers 10 swim spas - five models, each with an AquaSport and AquaTrainer version. They range from 14' to 19', including their top-of-the-line dual-temperature model, which lets you swim and spa.

The higher-priced AquaTrainers include more features standard. Plus, the AquaTrainer line's AquaFlex Current Control makes it easier to adjust the intensity of the swim jets; AquaFlex is not available in the Sport models. The AquaTrainer also has augmented hydrotherapy options, thanks to its eight-jet package and one additional pump.

All 10 swim spas feature the same Hydropool swim current; it's generated by one round "buoyancy jet" (to elevate the swimmer) positioned below two wide-stream jets. To keep the current smooth without losing power, each wide-stream jet features Hydropool's proprietary SwimFin inserts, a simple grill that counteracts turbulence.

Base pricing starts at $19,000 for the entry-level AquaSport swim spa and does not include these buy-up options:/p>

With their distinctively strong jetted swim current, industry-standard hydrotherapy jets, and a broad array of optional features, Hydropool could be the smart choice for your swim-spa dollar.

Hydropool Swim Spa Current

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