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Badu Jets

If you're in the market for a swim spa, you'll want to know about more than just the manufacturers. Smart shoppers should also familiarize themselves with the premier component suppliers, and that starts with Badu®.

Germany-based Speck Pumps makes Badu jets, which deliver the swim current in many leading swim spas. (Their jets can also be built into the walls of conventional in-ground pools, for swimming or for hydrotherapy.)

The company recommends two BaduStream II jets for the recreational swimmer seeking an intermediate level of exercise - if that's you, then two is all you need. The three-jet, two-pump BaduStream system delivers a stronger current suitable for higher levels of exercise.

Swim spa manufacturers proudly advertise when Badu jets power their counter current. For swimmers and recreational users, Badu is a name you can trust.

Badu® SwimJet System

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