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Inter-Spas Swim Spas

The four swim spas from Inter-Spas stand out from the pack with their factory-direct pricing and above-par fitness options.

Their entry-level Cypress model measures a compact 14.5' and offers swim-spa simplicity, with four variable-flow swim jets and no hydrotherapy jets. At the high end, their dual-temperature Brunswick model is over 21', and that extra length brings with it 73 spa jets, including a full-body lounge.

Options include their swim tether, spa cover (included with select models), and their marine-grade stereo system with Bluetooth connectivity. As an added bonus, Inter-Spas currently offers a free Eco-One enzymatic water-quality kit (which they sell for $149) with your swim spa order.

Most of Inter-Spas features are variations on industry standards. When it comes to fitness, however, they stand out from the pack. In addition to the expected swim tether, rowing kit, and exercise bands, Inter-Spas offers an aqua-bike, an underwater treadmill, and a selection of AquaJogger® gear! That makes Inter-Spas a top pick for fitness, weight loss, and rehab.


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