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Canadian Spa Company Swim Spas

The St. Lawrence is a mighty river, the main conduit linking the Great Lakes Basin to the Atlantic. The St. Lawrence is also a line of swim spas from the Canadian Spa Company, and like the river, the namesake spas have a powerful current!

There are just two swim spa options in the St. Lawrence line: the 13' and the 16'. Of course, you probably only need one, and their medley of performance and hydrotherapy may strike just the right chord for your home. The longer model seats one extra person, but its real perk (besides the extra room for tall swimmers) is its built-in jetted lounger that lets you kick back and enjoy full-body hydrotherapy! Ahhh....

The resistance current in the St. Lawrence derives from three circular 'resistance jets' positioned over two oblong 'river jets' to support proper alignment when swimming. One waterfall on either side helps keep the swimmer centered. Their tethered swim-training pole adds resistance.

For other forms of aquatic exercise, the St. Lawrence offers a wide, flat floor suitable for jogging or brisk walking against the swim current. That makes it a standout among swim spas that frequently overdo the softly curved surfaces.

Though named for their homeland, Canadian is a global brand with nearly three decades of experience. With a galvanized steel frame, their swim spas are built to last. And with base pricing of just $17,000 and $20,000, the St. Lawrence could be a good investment among jetted swim spas.

Canadian Spa Company Swim Spas

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