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Coleman Swim Spas

For more than 100 years, the Coleman name has denoted quality outdoor gear. From their signature lamps to their reliable tents, coolers, and stoves, campers trust Coleman for their comfort, safety, and survival. Though less well known, Coleman's swim spa line more than upholds the brand's promise.

The three models - 14', 16', and 17' - can comfortably hold three, five, and ten people, respectively. All share the same durable construction and state-of-the-art engineering.

The spas' SwimJet Propulsion™ system uses three (16' and 17' models) or four (14' model) jets to create a strong, adjustable jetted current for in-place swimming. The side-wall SwimJet Stabilization System™ uses water pressure to keep the swimmer centered. These jets all come standard, as does the fitness bar, for a full-body workout.

Options for exercise include their swim tether and additional strength-training equipment/straps. Other options include LED lighting, the iSound™ dock and speakers, and lively back-lit water features.

The progressive California Energy Commission has recognized these models as energy-efficient spas thanks to Coleman's smart innovations that reduce the need for the pumps, filter, and heater. Also, the swim spas' HydroFlow™ and Pure Clear™ technology keeps the water sparklingly fresh with a minimum of chemicals. And that puts the Coleman swim spa line on the shortlist for environmentally conscious consumers.

Coleman Spas - Bringing the Outdoors Closer to Home

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