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TidalFit Swim Spas by Artesian

With their soothing cascade waterfall, special micron filters, full-body exercise equipment, and more features all coming standard, TidalFit delivers the fitness and relaxation benefits you expect from a swim spa for an upfront base price.

Distributed under the Artesian Spas corporate umbrella, TidalFit offers two swim spa models - the Premium and the Pro - each with a distinct "Semi In-ground" version.

The Premium model features a 14' swim area, while the Pro offers a full 15'. Both models offer a choice of swim jet systems: the Dual Badu Stream Jet System or the Quad Swim Jet System.

The powerful Badu system (favored by many swim spa manufacturers) utilizes a 4-hp pump. It's distinguished from many other jetted swim currents because it requires fewer and safer water intake valves; those are the valves that funnel water from the rear of the spa back to the jets.

The Quad, as its name implies, offers four jets, each less powerful than the Badu jets. In total, the Quad jets can pump 700 gallons/minute each versus the Badu jets' 838 gpm. That gives the Badu the edge at top speeds, though many beginner and intermediate swimmers will never notice.

It's an important distinction, however, as each model's Semi In-ground version offers only the Quad. The Badu Stream is not available in Semi In-ground TidalFit swim spas. On the plus side, the Semi In-ground models give you more flexibility for landscaping - only about two feet of the spa remain above ground.

All TidalFit models include exercise options. Their Resistant Super Swim System is a waist-belted tether for swimming and aquatic running, walking, and jogging. Row Bars are included for a vigorous upper-body workout, and the Stretch Cords permit a range of upper-body strength-training routines.

Featured on ABC's Extreme Weight Loss TV show, TidalFit swim spas offer versatility and fit functionality with options ranging from $12,900 to $35,000.

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