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Atera Swim Spas

For a vigorous workout followed by a full-body massage, many people turn to Atera Spas.

Atera offers a range of models suitable for different levels of swimmer. Beginners can save money with the models using Atera's Ultimate Power® swim jets. More competitive and aggressive swimmers may want to splurge on their top-of-the-line Olympic model; it's just one of the Atera swim spas that use Ultimate Power river jets, which generate their counter current with a 9" blade.

After the swim, Atera owners enjoy Full Cycle Therapy®, their multi-station configuration for full-body hydrotherapy. At each station, as many as nine adjustable jets are positioned to massage your lower back; your upper back, neck and shoulders; your legs, feet, and chest; or your full back. It's designed to let you move from station to station to luxuriate in a head-to-toe massage.

Each Atera swim spa comes in a "Hot Only" version and, for an additional $5,100 on most models, their "AnyTemp®" feature, which includes a chiller as well as a heater. Cooler water is ideal for warmer months as well as open-water swim training and multiple sclerosis therapy.

If buying 'green' is a priority, then you'll love Atera's many environmentally friendly features.

If you want aquatic exercise and relaxing hydrotherapy with a smaller carbon footprint, you should explore Atera Spas' line of swim spas.

Penguins in an Atera Swim Spas

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