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Dr Wellness Swim Spas

Dr. Wellness (a brand name, not a real doctor) makes tanning beds, saunas, and hot tubs; they also entered the swim spa market with two energy-efficient models.

Their 12' and 16' models sport two and three swim jets, respectively. Each has 35 hydrotherapy jets over three spa seats.

Optional features includes industry standards such as the Pro Swim sound system, perimeter LED lighting, illuminated water features, and a rowing kit for strength-training exercises. The cabinetry only comes in mocha, but its neutral brown-black tone will suit most every decor.

What distinguishes these swim spas from their competition is Dr. Wellness' patent-pending HeatFlow™ technology. The HeatFlow system "captures and recycles the natural energy as it passes through your spa during normal everyday use"; basically, it's the same concept as the engine in a hybrid car. The goal is to maintain the temperature - without the heater - when the spa is in use.

At $19,999 and $26,999, these models are in line with industry pricing for similar spas, making Dr. Wellness a respectable player in the swim spa field.

Dr Wellness Fitness Spa Series

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